Children's educational color recognition classification cup

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The ball and cup color toy is an interesting color classification toy for early education and life skills.  

Open type game designed according to the Montessori educational system.
Includes 12 wooden balls, 12 wooden cups, a wooden bowl, and a wooden spoon.

Educational features:

- Visual Focusing

- Thinking, memory

- Sensory and fine motor skills

- Perseverance, diligence, attentiveness

- Skills of comparison, classification, and analysis

- Concepts of colors, shapes, and numbers

The baby will sort the different colored balls into the cups corresponding to the color, promoting the child's logical thinking skills!

A variety of colors to attract the baby's attention, to promote children's visual development!

It helps develop color perception and analysis, motor coordination, diligence, attention, tactile sensitivity, and fine motor skills.

Absolute safety for children:

The development of the toy sorter is made of safe materials, Balls, bowls, spoons, and cups are made of linden wood.

The diameter of the ball is three centimeters to ensure that it cannot be stuffed into the baby's mouth, We recommend that adults and children learn to play together.

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